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OVAL Eggs Delta Pulse Flow Meter

Part Ref: FLP

IWN: FLO-576723

The Eggs DELTA Pulse Vortex flow meter is a compact, lightweight Vortex flow Monitor with Pulse Output for...

OVAL Eggs Delta II Flow Meter

Part Ref: ED2

IWN: FLO-576755

The OVAL Eggs Delta II is a resin made, affordable Karman vortex flow monitor that is serviceable with...

OVAL Ex Delta II DIA Flow Meter

Part Ref: VXxx

IWN: FLO-716440

The EX DELTA II DIA Vortex Flow meter – OVAL’s proprietary diamond-shaped vortex shedding body together with the...

OVAL Ex Delta II Vortex Flow Meter

Part Ref: VXx1xxx

IWN: FLO-692996

This basic, affordable model of the Ex Delta series of vortex flow meters includes a range of intelligent...

OVAL Hybrid Delta Vortex Flow Meter

Part Ref: TV1xxx

IWN: FLO-265109

OVAL Hybrid Multirange DELTA flow meters combine vortex flow technology with a thermal mass flow meter, overcoming the...

Pro V M22 Inline Vortex Flow Meter

Part Ref: M22-V

IWN: FLO-672253

Pro-V™ multivariable flowmeters utilize three primary sensing elements–a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor, and a...

Pro V M23 Insertion Vortex Flow Meter

Part Ref: M23V-V

IWN: FLO-958708

Multi-variable Insertion Vortex Flow Meters for Liquid, Gas and Steam in Pipes Precision multi-variable insertion vortex flow meters...