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Metri IC-GTM Flow Meter

Part Ref: IC-GTM

IWN: FLO-386354

The Metri IC-GTM Turbine Flow Meter is a traditional Axial Gas Turbine Flow Meter for use with a...

2100 Turbine Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2100-xx

IWN: FLO-953286

A compact turbine flow sensor engineered specifically for low flow rates and small pipe diameter applications, the GF...

Metri IC HBT Hygienic Turbine Flow Meter

Part Ref: IC-HBT

IWN: FLO-130489

The Metri HBT Flow Meter has been specifically designed for use in hygienic environments particularly in the Brewing,...

Metri IC-BF Flangeless Flow Meter

Part Ref: IC-BF

IWN: FLO-201910

Between flange Wafer type turbine meters have been used successfully for many years, with little or no improvements...

Metri IC-DTS Flow Meter Display

Part Ref: IC-DTS

IWN: FLO-20191128

The Metri DTS (Display Transmitter Switch) is an industrial flow meter display designed for use with Turbine and...

Metri IC-LTM Turbine Flow Meter

Part Ref: Metri-LTM

IWN: Metri-LTM

Each Metri LTM Purchase includes a 5 Point Calibration as Standard. The Metri IC-LTM Turbine Flow Meter series...

OVAL EX Turbine Flow Meter

Part Ref: TX

IWN: FLO-633451

An industrial turbine flow meter for consistent and accurate liquid flow measurement with a high-speed pulse output that...
Metri LTM-IPD Intelligent Pickup Device

LED Operating Status Indication

Part Ref: LTM-IPD

Metri LTM-IPD Intelligent Pickup Device Features: 4-20 mA loop Open Collector Pulsed Output Pulse Divider Bluetooth® Up to...