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OVAL Flowmate

Part Ref: LSF

IWN: FLO-843404

A series of compact oval gear flow meters that offer a cost effective yet accurate and stable solution...

2100 Turbine Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2100-xx

IWN: FLO-953286

A compact turbine flow sensor engineered specifically for low flow rates and small pipe diameter applications, the GF...

2507 Mini Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2507.100-xV

IWN: FLO-312577

Mini flow rotor level sensor for low flow rates with a free running rotor driven by the fluid...

Vögtlin Q Flow Variable Area Flow Meter

Part Ref: FLQ

IWN: FLO-365370

The Rotameter Q flow is a modern range of variable area flow meters from Vögtlin Instruments for gases...

Low Flow Meter | Chemical Meter

IWN: FLO-181389

FCH-mini-PVDF – Low Flow Meter/ Chemical Meter. The chemical low-flow Flow meters of the FCH-mini-PVDF series are especially...

Ultraflow 54 Static Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 65-5-F

IWN: FLO-306494

The Ultraflow 54 is a static flow sensor based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. It is primarily used...