Flow Meters

What is a Flow Meter?

Flow meters are devices used to measure the flow of liquids and gases. They are used in a variety of applications, ranging from industrial processes to medical and laboratory settings.

​Flow meters measure the rate at which a liquid or gas passes through a pipe or other container, usually by measuring the pressure or velocity of the flow. This information can be used to regulate the flow, measure total volume of liquid or gas, or monitor the health of a system.

​Flow meters are available in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the application and the fluid being measured. They have become an essential part of many industries, providing accurate and reliable measurements of flow.

Flow Meters from iCenta Controls

​iCenta Controls are specialists in Flow Meter and Level Sensor technology and have an extensive product portfolio. This ranges from Turbine Flow Meters from Metri Measurements and OVAL to Batch Controllers and Flow Instruments and Monitors from Fluidwell.

Whichever product or manufacturer you choose from iCenta Controls you will receive a high-accuracy flow metering solutions for diverse applications, fluid types and process conditions.

We have a wide variety of Flow Meters, so if you’re unsure of what type of flow meter you need for your project then please consult our guide to choosing the correct flow meter or contact us for support.

​​Where can flow meters be used?

A good example of where flow meters can be used, is in industrial sectors. Flow meters provide accurate and reliable measurements of the flow of liquids, gases and steam. Flow meters are used in a variety of industrial processes such as energy production, chemical production, food and beverage processing, and water treatment.

Find out more about where flow meters supplied by iCenta Controls have been used by visiting our case studies section by clicking below.

How can a flow meter help my business?

Flow meters can provide real-time data on the flow rate, total flow, and temperature of the material, allowing operators to better control and monitor their processes. Flow meters can also be used to accurately measure the volume of material that is used, enabling businesses to optimise their operations and reduce waste.

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