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Correct calibration is vital to ensure accurate measurement and accurate measurement is fundamental to the quality and safety of most products and services, it will help you to meet industry standards and it can also give you improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Traceable Flow Meter Calibration and Repair Services to Maintain Accuracy

Over the course of a flow meters lifetime, it is recommended that the device is calibrated at regular intervals to maintain best accuracy. Without re-calibration, the accuracy of the meter can drift unchecked, resulting in poor repeatability measurements and general under-performance which could affect your process and product quality.


​We calibrate to the following measurement points as standard (other points may be available on request)

​• 5 Points    •  8 Points    • 10 Points    •  Custom Points​

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About Our Calibration Service

The iCenta Traceable calibration service helps you maintain your standards cover flow ranges from 0.012 l/min – 4000 l/min

​On receipt of your flow meter, we evaluate the condition (inspecting the equipment for visible signs of damage to rotor sensors, electrodes, and electronics), measure the flow rate of the instrument, compile a report and provide a quotation to calibrate and if necessary, adjust and repair the instrument. The instrument is returned with a calibration / test report with your choice of measurement points normally 3-10 with several repeats.

Our small volume prover (SVP 250) is capable of measuring a variety of liquid viscosities from 0.6 – 100 m²/s (cSt) with flow ranges from 12 ml/min to 1100 l/min with a typical 0.04% accuracy. The SVP can measure several fluids (but not limited to):

| Water | Diesel/Kerosene | Synthetic and non-synthetic oils | Alcohol | Hydrocarbons | Biofuels | Methanol​ |

Traceable Liquid Calibration Range

Calibration Type
Max Temp
Volume / Flow Range
Piston Prover
Water, Oils & Hydrocarbons to 100 Centistokes ± 0.05% RD*
10 ml/min – 1000 l/m
13.5 m³/hr – 200 m³/hr

* for liquids with different viscosity and a measuring uncertainty ≤ 0.05 % of the actual rate

​Some of the many types of flow technology we calibrate, and service are as follows;

Electromagnetic (Mag), Turbine, Oval Gear, Positive Displacement, Coriolis Mass, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Thermal, Paddlewheel (Pelton Wheel), Variable Area (Rotameter)

Calibration at customer specific temperatures and viscosities. All calibrations will take approximately 5 – 7 days to complete from receipt of the flow meter. A special 24-hour service may be available for some products, please enquire.


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