GF Signet

9950 Dual Channel Transmitter

The 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter is a two-channel controller that supports two sensors of same or different types...

2540 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2540-x

IWN: FLO-588376

The GF Signet 2540 paddlewheel flow sensor offers the strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel for liquid...

515 Rotor X Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 515/8510-xx

IWN: FLO-706303

A self-powered, reliable paddlewheel flow sensor with versatile application from GF Signet. GF Signet 515 Rotor-X paddlewheel flow...

515 Rotors and Rotor Kits

Part Ref: 3-0515.3222-x

IWN: FLO-516022

Rotors & rotor kits for the GF Signet 515 paddlewheel flow sensor. This pack from +GF+ comprises of...

2100 Turbine Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2100-xx

IWN: FLO-953286

A compact turbine flow sensor engineered specifically for low flow rates and small pipe diameter applications, the GF...

2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2250-

IWN: LEV-903296

The Signet 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor for level and depth control has a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body...

2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Part Ref: 2260-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003890

The type 2260 from +GF+ is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic secondary lightning protection level measurement transmitter, having...

2270 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Part Ref: 2270-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003883

The type 2270 from +GF+ is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement sensor, having transducer and processing...

2280 Vibrating Fork Level Switch

Part Ref: 2280-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003896

The Type 2280 +GF+ Tuning Forks are a vibrating fork level switch suitable for level detection of liquids...

2281 Multipoint Switch

Part Ref: 2270-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003904

The Multipoint Switch is based on the conductivity principle and can be applied to liquids with conductivity higher...

2290 Non-contacting Radar Level Transmitter

Part Ref: 2290-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003898

The 25 GHz (K-band) +GF+ 2290 Pulse Radars are the most progressive Non-contacting Radar Level Transmitter for industrial...

2291 Contacting Radar Level Transmitter

Part Ref: 2291-x-xx-x

IWN: LEV-003902

The 2291 Guided Wave Radar level transmitter is designed for continuous level measuring of conductive or non-conductive liquids,...

2450 Pressure Transmitter

IWN: PRE-928544

The 2450 Pressure Transmitter has a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in...

2507 Mini Flow Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2507.100-xV

IWN: FLO-312577

Mini flow rotor level sensor for low flow rates with a free running rotor driven by the fluid...

2536 Rotor X Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

iCenta is a UK specialist in +GF+ Signet instrumentation. Simple to install with time-honoured reliable performance, Signet 2536...

2537 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

iCenta is a UK specialist in +GF+ Signet instrumentation. The GF Signet 2537 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor represents an...

2551 Magflow Meter

Part Ref: MAG2551

IWN: FLO-846449

The GF Signet 2551 Magflow meter is an insertion style magnetic flow meter that features no moving parts...

2552 Magflow Meter

Part Ref: MAG2552

IWN: FLO-784450

iCenta is a UK specialist in +GF+ Signet instrumentation. The 2552 Magflow Meter has no moving parts and...

2581 FlowtraMag Flow Meter

Part Ref: GF-2581

IWN: FLO-002581

The GF 2581 FlowtraMag Meter is a full-bore Industrial Light weight plastic inline magnetic flow meter, based on...

2750 and 2760 pH ORP Sensor Electronics

Part Ref: 3-2750-x

IWN: ANA-338293

Sensor electronics and pre-amplifiers for Signet DryLoc® pH and ORP electrodes with versions for in-line integral mount and...

2764 – 2767 pH ORP Electrodes

Part Ref: 3-27xx

IWN: ANA-116570

The Signet 2764 – 2767 range of differential pH/ORP Electrodes are built with the DryLoc connector, a Ryton®...

2774 – 2777 Threaded

Part Ref: 3-77xx

IWN: ANA-424339

The Signet 2774 – 2777 threaded pH & ORP electrodes feature a unique foul-proof DryLoc® connector with gold-plated...

8150 Flow Totaliser

GF Signets 8150 is a Battery Powered Flow Totaliser with Choice of Field, Panel or Integral Sensor Mounting....


Part Ref: 3-2850-5x

IWN: ANA-381028

GF Signet 2850 conductivity sensor electronics are available in various configurations for maximum installation flexibility. The universal mount...

GF Signet 9900 1BC

+GF+ Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller System ​​The Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller system provides control capability and process fine-tuning...

Signet 525 Metalex Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Part Ref: P525-x

IWN: FLO-623463

The GF Signet 525 Metalex™ paddle wheel flow sensor combines stainless steel construction with insertion paddlewheel technology. The...

Signet 2724-2726

Part Ref: 3-27XX

IWN: ANA-138068

The Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes feature a patented reference electrode design and use the unique foul proof patented...

Signet 2818-2823

Part Ref: GF2818

IWN: ANA-375842

The Signet 2818-2823 Conductivity / Resistivity Electrode range are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing across...

Signet 2839-2842 series

Part Ref: 159 000

IWN: ANA-946959

The Signet 2839-2842 series of conductivity electrodes is available in four cell constants from 0.01 to 10.0 cm-1...

Variable Area Flow Meters from GF

Part Ref: 198

IWN: FLO-676090

iCenta is a UK specialist in Georg Fischer Signet instrumentation. Variable area flow meters from GF Piping Systems...

2284 Ultrasonic Gap Switch

Part Ref: 159 300 27x

IWN: LEV-734877

The Ultrasonic gap switch consists of Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) and is high corrision resistant in most liquids. The...

GF 9900 Multi-Parameter Transmitter

Part Ref: GF-9900

IWN: FLO-GF-9900

The 9900 Multi-Parameter Transmitter has superseded most of Signets previous range of individual Transmitters and Indicators, please contact...